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We love hearing from our subscribers - what they love, what could be improved, and suggestions for how to make Tag That Photo even better. Here's what a few of our subscribers have to say about how Tag That Photo and its face recognition wizard is helping them gain control of their photo organization.


"I am always impressed by how fast you respond to client support issues. Your answers are always easy to understand. Love your product - I've become the family archivist with thousands of photos. The ability to easily tag photos has been so helpful to my extended family as they search the photos."

Gretchen B.
May 2024


"I have spent years scanning old family photos, scrapbooks and Slides. Thousands of them. I needed a way to tag them so we could use them for ancestral purposes. Identifying and marking who each person is, is vitally important. Especially if we are to put them on Ancestry.com or Family Search. The process is easy and it works perfectly for what we need.
I have sent questions to their customer service team and have gotten quick responses. That is so important for me (and I'm sure for anybody out there) to complete my project.
I wrote them because In File Explorer, the tags only list their names. In order to see the faces software needs to read XMP tags. There are free programs out there, but I love the software so much that we/my family has purchased Tag That Photo Software! I LOVE IT!!"

Heidi J.
November 2023


"TagThatPhoto has been an extremely efficient way to help me take control of many years of memories and break free from Google Photos. TagThatPhoto makes the process of assigning the faces of loved ones to many years of photos extremely painless with its intuitive UX, plus rediscovering old forgotten memories along the way was a joy.

On top of that TagThatPhoto uses open standards to tag my images, so I can view them in just about any program I want with no risk of vendor lock in or compatibility issues in the future. TagThatPhoto is a great way to maintain control of my precious memories and preserve my privacy while not sacrificing the many advances made in AI and Facial Recognition. "

David B.
May 2023


"I use (and love!) Tag That Photo as part of a workflow for organizing old scanned photos for my family. This workflow is evolving over time, as I learn to better better approaches to and use of my tools. "

Lowell S.
February 2023


"I'm an active user of Tag That Photo and the software is amazing. It works great and has the built-in flexibility to accommodate my various needs.  I upgraded a month ago to the latest version and in particular I love the new feature that allows users to export thumbnails of everyone in the 'People' tab."

Gary L.
January 2023


"Great software, i love it!  I recently wrote about TTP on Reddit."

Manuel D.
November 2022


"TTP keeps getting better and better. Thank you to you and your team!"

Kevin H.
September 2021


"If you're like me, amassing a local backup of all your life's photos - you probably realize that only online services have face tagging features which do not sync back into the photos you have been backing up for years. I just started using Tag That Photo and love the fact they save the face tagging and additional information directly into my local file - within the IPTC metadata field for keyword. Finally I can backup the tagging, search for people by name. Great work!"

Tiran D.
August 2021


"I'm using Tag That Photo for a library of over 1.000 scanned photos covering the last 140 years of our family history. Quality varies widely from poor washed out and scratched to excellent. Amazed with the accuracy of face recognition and at how this product has brought our family history to life."

M. Wahl
June 2021


It's the first program that I know of which re-reads all my painstakingly created Picasa tags, re-uses them, learns from them, and picks up where I dropped Picasa (no way was I going to share all my photos, tagged faces and locations with Google). I used TTP to read just under 3k pictures with Picasa tags and correct its learning, and then proceeded to tag 2k+ new pictures, all in just a few hours. I'm a happy user of a paid subscription now. (not cheap, but worth it).

Frank v.H
January 2020


I love this software! 25,000 faces and counting...

David G.
November 2019


I've been really impressed with the product and also with the speed of customer service in responding to my messages.

Keith W.
October 2019

I used your program yesterday (as a hint form a friend Marco) and was already surprised how fast it went, much faster that I can do it. I also want to point out that your program, and all the people behind it also, have made/created a very nice program, which makes 'playing with pictures' on a whole new level. 🙂

September 2019

Greetings from Switzerland! I would like to thank you for the product I just bought! It’s so smooth to tag people on my collection, its a dream that comes true! As an IT guy, I have built a personal (non-commercial) website to share pictures with family and friends. Using your product to tag people. Then I execute a method that reads data from ttp.db and ingest relevant facial data into my website's PostgreSQL DB. Thanks to this, I can unlock many interesting features to navigate my family's (heavy) collection of souvenirs. I wish you and your team plenty of success.

David F.
September 2019

I started with the  picture folder on my desktop …1800 pics…. in no time flat it started doing its thing. By the end it had found over 600 pics of my husband and all together I had 37 folders! I am so glad I found this program. Thank you again.

Robyn S.
May 2019