Face tagging done accurately





Introducing Tag That Photo, a new photo management solution with a powerful face recognition engine at its core. Tag That Photo is a 64-bit application that runs on Windows 7 through 11 and designed for photo enthusiasts who:

Value their time

Want face tagging software that is truly automated

Desire a solution that allows them to retain control of their precious photo memories

Face Recognition

Powered by Applied Recognition's patented face recognition engine, Tag That Photo finds and recognizes faces better than any other desktop product.


In the cloud or on your Windows desktop – you decide where your photos are stored, managed and shared. They’re YOUR personal photos after all.

Import Tags

You’ve spent countless hours tagging hundreds of photos. Tag That Photo values your efforts, enabling easy importing of your existing tags.

Limitless Library

Hundreds of photos? Thousands? Bring ‘em on! Tag That Photo's lightning fast processor keeps your photo organization efforts moving along.


Tag faces with fewer errors & faster than industry leaders - including Microsoft and Google. With Tag That Photo, you'll be a tagging machine!


Tag That Photo is a Microsoft Windows OS desktop software application. Includes Windows 7, 8, and 10 with latest service packs.

No, Tag That Photo is installed and operated locally on your Windows desktop or laptop. You decide which folders you want it to scan for photos. As long as you can see the folders from Windows File Explorer, Tag That Photo should be able to manage them. This includes folders on drives physically in your computer, or local folders that are mirrored to a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, USB drives, or network-attached drives such as NAS devices. Just be sure the drives are normally resident and not temporarily attached to your system.

How Does TTP Work?

See how the Tag That Photo face recognition wizard can help you organize your photos so you can reconnect with cherished memories quickly.

Ready to keep your photos in your control?