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Photo Tagging Takes Time

If you've tried other photo organization options, it's likely you've discovered they're unable to read/import your Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery, or Fotobounce tagging efforts. This is because, by default, Picasa, WPG, and Fotobounce, like most applications, store tags in a proprietary database. This makes the tags visible to that particular application. Because they're not embedded, the tags are also unable to be imported into another application.

Keep Your Tags with Tag That Photo

Tag That Photo values the countless hours you've spent tagging your favorite photos.  It simply doesn't make sense to us to lose such an investment of time and effort. From day one, preserving existing tags has been part of Tag That Photo's feature list. We're pleased to say our cracker-jack team of developers delivered. 

Today, Tag That Photo's Personal and Family Plan subscriptions process and import existing Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery, and Fotobounce tags accurately - whether your library includes tens or tens of thousands of images. Future releases will enable easy importing from other photo organization applications. 

Your Tags are Worth Keeping

As avid photo organizers ourselves, importing Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery, and Fotobounce tags was a must-have feature for Tag That Photo.

Ready to move on from Picasa, WPG, or Fotobounce?