Release Notes

AUG 30, 2022
VERSION 3.3.22241.0

Updates / Fixes

  • Fix a bug that may crash the application in People, People Details, Suggested and Unknown views, when a certain combination of events takes place.
  • Fix odd situation that occurs sometimes when tagging Unknown people and all the faces of a cluster are tagged.


AUG 17, 2022
VERSION 3.3.22224.0

New Features

  • Cut & paste Google Map lat/long locations into the location field in TTP.  If you click on the highlighted lat / long field to copy it to clipboard; you can paste that into the location field in TTP.



  • Fix for an issue with Display Next/Previous when in the Unknown view (after some action performed).  The next group being displayed could jump back to the start.
  • Resolved potentially slow page displays when browsing faces in People view.


JULY 25, 2022
VERSION 3.3.22200.0

New Features

  • Free version for tagging 10 people or less. This lets people use all the functionality on a small set of people without doing a limited function trial run.
  • Suggestions screen shows face thumbnail of Person's primary face in the header bar. This was a common request because sometimes you can forget what the original person looks like - if you have hundreds of people tagged - or, if you are doing a commercial tagging job and really don't know the people.
  • Ability to push unknowns onto a "Save for Later" stack; this helps with plowing through a lot of face tagging. So instead of deleting faces you may not know at the time - you can push to a"Save for Later" pile and come back to them later.
  • Now you can change the size of face thumbnails to allow for more (or less) displaying on the screen at one time.  There is a new slider to control this on the Settings page. This help folks with very high resolution screens to make better use of screen real estate. It also help for those folks that want bigger thumbnails for ease of viewing.
  • Change to the face selection box - we now denote the selected face with a dashed line while maintaining the previous box colors (green = identified, red = unidentified).


  • Better use of the Exiftool utility to resolve metadata writing issues. We attempt to fix metadata issues to virtually eliminate writing problems when adding or updating the TTP metadata in your JPEGs.
  • When you set the sort filter on the People view (popular or alpha), we preserve that setting for the next time you come back to the People view.


MAY 12, 2022
VERSION 3.3.22132.0

New Features

  • New “Regenerate Clusters and Suggestions” option at bottom of Settings page. This feature will clear the recognition database, and reload the database with existing faces - both known and unknown. It has been shown in our testing to improve the Suggestions. This does not require a rescan.
  • New default sort order for displaying face thumbnails for individual People. The thumbnails that are marked as “favorite” will now display first. It is important to remove any faces marked as “favorite” (denoted by the Star icon) that are not in focus or generally good representations of that person as this will affect recognition results.Release Notes May 2022 image 2
    The Exiftool utility is embedded to assist in repairing images that Tag That Photo can’t write to or update metadata. Exiftool is a popular utility that supports a wide variety of image formats. It has been shown to improve the overall reliability of updating metadata.


  • Fixed Person rename feature.
  • Fixed force rescan issue with deleted images.
  • Fixed a memory issue that was limiting the number of Unknown faces Tag That Photo could load into memory at one time. This contributed to fewer suggestions on those photo libraries containing tens of thousands of Unknown faces.
  • Added a tooltip to display the face thumbnail type upon mouse hover over the dot located at the bottom left of each thumbnail.
  • Fixed the casing to enable upper and lowercase changes when renaming People.
  • Improved the info message when deleting People to better describe the action and results based on chosen options.
  • Added option to double-click the folder row and present the rule window when making photo library changes.
  • Fixed file folder rule implementation when skipping files.
  • Added a check to change the Library Scan Rules view height according to screen resolution.
  • Fixed the “[Apply to All Remaining] Names” button not executing properly on Unknowns.

FEBRUARY 10, 2022
VERSION 3.3.22035.1


  • Most significant new feature is a new face recognition system that provides greater accuracy via "face templates". To enable the new system, a full rescan of images is required and must complete before Suggestions will start to show improved results.
    • IMPORTANT TO NOTE BEFORE CLICKING "ACCEPT": Please take into account that the scan rate is approximately 1,000 faces per hour.
  • If for some reason, the full scan is interrupted, it will resume where it left off.
  • New face templates will be generated for each face during the scan. TTP automatically selects up to 50 face templates per person based on quality. In the image below, the orange star denotes a favorite face has been auto-selected by TTP. Limiting face templates to 50 per person limits the total size of the recognition database. By doing so, TTP’s face recognition accuracy and performance is greatly improved. (The green checkmark denotes this is the person's identifying image for this person.)
  • Should a user prefer to select different face templates, or override the automatic face template selections, this is easily done by manually selecting/deselecting the favorite face star in the upper right. When selected, the star is orange. When deselected, the color is grey. A maximium of 50 additional identifying face templates can be selected for a maximum of 100 face templates per person. This does not limit the number of face tags per person. Users are still able to tag thousands of faces per person.
  • Auto regeneration of thumbnails where a significant difference is identified between the metadata face outline and the TTP face detection result.
  • Each thumbnail now shows a color-coded dot at the bottom left corner: 
    • Black dot - The face was detected by TTP only with no existing tag. 
    • Orange dot - There is a matching metadata face tag. 
    • Red dot - Identifies a manually created face.
    • Purple dot - A metadata face tag existed but no matching TTP face was found.  This typically denotes a poor quality face as demonstrated in the example below.

purple metadata dot example


  • Better reconciliation of metadata face tags with face tags identified by TTP’s face detection method.
  • Fixed list of recently tagged names, bringing the last used to the top. 
  • Fixed “undo” in Photo Viewer when suggestions are created due to tagging a face. 
  • Fixed issue syncing Image Preview Pane when some change is made in Photo Viewer. 
  • Fixed Photo Viewer not opening after regenerating face in People Details view. 
  • Fixed blank page in Suggested tab that occasionally appeared after tagging all faces in a cluster. 
  • Fixed the Metadata Keyword query to accept semicolons as part of the tag - not splitting the tag and using it as a delimiter/separator. 
  • Improved keyword display in the Keywords List view. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2021
VERSION 21309.0.exe


  • Multiple tags/keywords created using third-party software can be copied and pasted together as keywords in TTP, for example: xxx; yyy;zzz;www. No issue if there is a space or not between the keywords; however, the separator/delimiter must be a semi-colon. Simply copy/paste/enter.


  • Modification to how TTP writes keyword delimiters/separators to address an update to Adobe Bridge between versions 11 and 12 that created an issue reading multiple keywords written by TTP.
  • Fixed the "Open in Photo Viewer" option for selected or all images listed in Search when using right-click or menu option to display them.
  • Fixed Search buttons height to display text correctly.

OCTOBER 27, 2021
VERSION v3.2.21300.0.exe


  • If a suggested person is already tagged in an image, suggestions for faces in the same image are filtered out. 
  • Fixed application crashes when an image is updated/changed using third-party software while the image is open in Photo Viewer, and either a "force writing metadata" or "force rescan" is run on that image.
  • Eliminated a face quality check that reduced the number of unknown faces evaluated for suggestions, resulting in an increase in suggestions for all users.

OCTOBER 26, 2021
VERSION v3.2.21288.0.exe


  • Added navigation with CTRL + > or < to more easily select a face or image when viewing in People Detail and Photo View.
  • Added more control over the actions to be applied for selected faces on Suggested and Unknown views, during an attempt to flip pages.
  • Improved image scanning performance, reducing periodic application crashes with unsupported files.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved the Search results to filter duplicate images and temporary files.
  • Enhanced the Edit Name on People Detail view to address issues with Windows 7.
  • Enhanced visibility for Sort dropdown list on People’s View.
  • Fixed a bug creating an error message when updating entries.

OCTOBER 5, 2021
VERSION v3.2.21277.0.exe


  • Updated the VCRuntime DLLs missing for some users during installation.
  • Added backward navigation through the face clusters on People Detail, Suggested, and Unknown Views. Now users can move forward or backward through the grouped faces using "ALT + <" via keyboard or the new icon/button in the navigation bar. Now "ALT + > or <" moves the pages according to the arrow key used.
  • Fixed the Uninstaller not removing the existing version.
  • Fixed the Edit Name on People Detail, allowing the user to edit the associated name.
  • Fixed an issue on People Detail Images when there was a selected image and the screen was resized, losing the current selection.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021
VERSION v3.2.21267.0.exe

New Features:

  • New face detector provides greater accuracy and performance:
    • 2x faster scanning images and detecting faces.
      • Depending on computer hardware and average image size, expect 3,500 to 6,000 images per hour.
    • 25% fewer false positives 
      • where the software mis-identifies an object as a face
    • 60% fewer false negatives
      • where the software misses a real face in an image
  • Added capability to select the top navigation buttons including the main People, Suggestions, and Unknown tabs
    • Press ALT, then tab through the menu options, and press space bar to execute/click.
  • Added navigation between image files on People (inside Photos)
    • Hold CTRL key and use the arrow keys to navigate through the photos.
  • Added a new shortcut in Photo Viewer to navigate through photos when viewing a batch of images while in the Tags tab. 
    • Use “ALT <” or “ALT >” to cycle/switch between the files, similar to using “< and >” when in the People tab.  
  • Added icons to the TTP System tray menu options. 
  • Added an icon menu option to the main File menu to directly “Shut down Tag That Photo”, replicating the ability that exists in the System Tray menu.
  • Added the “Delete Selected Face” menu option in Photo Viewer (matches keyboard shortcut option).
  • Added “Delete Untagged Face(s)” menu option in Photo Viewer, (matches keyboard shortcut option). 


  • Right panel image preview expands/contracts to a max of ⅓ of current screen size on People view (for Face and Photos tab), Suggested, and Unknown Views. 
  • TTP now writes an additional date field to XMP called “DateTimeOriginal”.  This field is used by certain third-party apps as the “Exif Date Taken”, most often seen with HEIC images. 
    • Temp files no longer appear in search list results. 
      Note: Some third-party apps (including Windows Explorer) create a temp file during an image update (image edit or metadata change).  They may copy the original image to a temp image, make the change and, if change is successful, overwrite the original image.  

      • TTP accommodates this flow, however, to ensure optimum performance, it is recommended that TTP be closed/shut down from the System Tray altogether while making changes to images outside TTP.  
      • To avoid the issue altogether,  use the exclusion rules for any monitored folder to filter out temp files from the scanning process.

Bug fixes:  

  • Added image rotation option for PNG image files.
  • Removed duplicate suggestions for someone matched with more than one face in the same picture during the addition of a new image file. 
  • Fixed thumbnail size for images where the scale was increased or decreased for an image. 
  • Fixed reconciliation process related to metadata and local database when an image is scaled up or down using third-party software. 
  • Fixed Unknown faces not being displayed under certain conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue where metadata tags did not include the current image dimensions.
  • Fixed the Menu icon size for Win 7 systems by adding a max-height property for the images and menus to avoid view issues. 
  • In People View, fixed the name search filter text when the result returns no one. 
  • In Unknown View, fixed the blank screen precipitating a crash when loading a new library. 
  • Fixed an issue where metadata tags were not saved correctly under certain conditions (IPTC Metadata Caption, and EXIF XPTitle, and XPSubject)

JULY 26, 2021
VERSION v3.2.21202.0.exe

New Features:

  • New Personal Lite plan to provide a more affordable option for users with fewer images/people they want to tag (<= 100 people).
  • Live Folder Monitoring: Selects which folders are being continuously monitored for changes by TTP. This avoids unnecessary scanning by TTP if another photo management program you use generates temporary image files to perform its job. For example, let’s say you use a certain program to add a GPS location to a group of photos. That program may create a temporary image file, add the GPS coordinates, delete the original image, and rename the temporary file to the original file name. If TTP was monitoring this folder, TTP would try to scan each new temporary file as it is created, then the file would be renamed, and that would generate another scan. That would cause unnecessary scanning and slow your system. If this is something you do regularly, you can toggle monitoring off, perform all changes with the other program and, when finished, ask TTP to scan the folder for changes using the TTP Windows Explorer menu. Access this feature via a toggle switch in the Library folder panel.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Options
    • Suggested & Unknown View:
      • CTRL K marks selected faces as Confirmed/Accepted, or all faces if none selected.
      • CTRL X marks selected faces as Rejected, or all faces if none selected.
      • CTRL N opens the Person Selector panel to name the selected faces, or all faces if none selected.
      • CTRL D or CTRL DEL to mark selected faces for deletion, or all faces if none selected.
      • CTRL < and CTRL > for navigating between the face thumbnails.
      • CTRL Z to Undo last action.


  • Deleted Faces Tracking: Faces deleted from images are now tracked by TTP, so they are no longer restored when an image is rescanned. To view deleted faces, from Photo Viewer, select View/Show Deleted Faces from the menu. Right-click on a deleted face to restore it.
    NOTE: Installation of this update is required to enable this function; and it will begin tracking following the update.
  • UI Improvements:
    • All action icons are now located in one row at top of the window for Suggestions and Unknown views.
    • Save/Reset/More buttons have been removed from the bottom of the window, allowing for additional faces to be displayed there.
    • Deselect Faces: ESC key deselects faces on People, Suggested, and Unknown views.
  • All actions started by users will have priority over background system tasks. For example, TTP periodically scans image folders for changes as a background task. If a user executes a “force rescan” from Win Explorer then that task will receive a higher priority and pause the background job. This higher priority “pausing” also applies to metadata updates resulting from tagging.
  • Photo Viewer:
    • Top-left face thumbnail is automatically selected when entering Photo Viewer.
    • If the image file being displayed has multiple faces, hold CTRL and use > or < to select the next or previous face.
    • Should the Person Selector panel be opened, hit ESC to return. No thumbnail will be selected; however, CTRL and > or < will select a thumbnail.
    • CTRL-N will bring up name dialog for selected thumbnail. CTRL-Z will undo last action.
    • Date/Time
      Added keyboard controls to the Calendar icon/button:

      • On the Tags tab, navigate to the icon with the TAB key.
      • Press SPACEBAR or click the icon. All the selections inside this component are done by pressing the SPACEBAR key.
      • With the Calendar dialog displayed:
        • Select DAY with arrow keys.
        • Select MONTH with CTRL + Key UP once, then use the arrows to select the desired MONTH. Use CTRL + Key DOWN to return to DAY selection.
        • To select a different YEAR, use CTRL + Key UP once, then use the arrows to select the desired YEAR. Use CTRL + Key DOWN to return to MONTH selection.
      • To close the Calendar, press the SPACEBAR or ENTER key.
  • Where duplicate images are found during Search OR if existing images are already in the target export folder, TTP will export only a single image copy per folder.  This supports the use case for doing "OR" searches.  Example: search for "Mary", export to "C:\temp-mary-or-paul", then search for "Paul" and export to the same folder.  Now you will have a folder containing images that have "Mary," "Paul," or "Mary and Paul" (with no duplicates).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue related to changes to selected people on Suggested and Unknown People view causing keyboard commands to lock up.
  • Resolved issue to correctly read image orientation from HEIC & RAW Formats that support EXIF orientation.
  • Photo Viewer:
    • Disabled typing in Date & Time field in Tags tab to avoid issues related to modifying/assigning dates. Date & Time now managed via Calendar dialog. (Refer to Updates above.)