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Tag, Edit, and Impress: Unleashing Creativity with Tag That Photo and Adobe Express

In the world of digital photography, managing and creatively enhancing your photo collection has never been more accessible. With the ...
Family photos

Hackers causing havoc

Hackers took over her machine; it was unclear how long they were operating in stealth mode or how they got ...
Hackers at work

Preserving your digital photos

Often the preservation of your digital photos is relegated to the back burner in today's fast paced life. Even though ...

User profile – Charley K.

What is the overall image management problem you are trying to solve?  A large collection of family photographs from two ...
User profile for TTP

User profile – Gary L.

What is the overall image management problem you are trying to solve?  The image management challenge I’m addressing relates to ...
User profile for TTP

Exiftool Tips

If you haven't heard of the software utility, Exiftool, and you are passionate about the metadata associated with your images, ...

Photo Archiving with Tag That Photo and Visioneer

Introduction Many people have never thought about scanning and tagging their old family photos – until those family photos are ...

Tag That Photo Helps Name Photos from Australia’s Jewish History

In 2021, Australian Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) partnered with the National Libraries of Australia and Israel to digitise all Jewish ...
Mission of the Australian Jewish Historical Society

Photo Tagging Tips & Metadata Management

Whether you're new to Tag That Photo or a longtime subscriber, here are a few face and keyword tagging tips ...

Add face tags & find favorite photos fast

With a ballooning number of photos (digital and scanned), it’s practically impossible for you to find photos of specific people ...
tagging and organizing blog post

Tips to Help You Digitize & Organize Your Hardcopy Photos

Mitch Goldstone, Founder/CEO of If you've got loads of photos sitting in boxes and albums, going digital with them ...
image for Tips to Digitize Photos

Photo Metadata Settings

A full subscription gives you the option to write metadata to images. All data is kept in a local database. ...

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Using Family Photos

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and let’s face it, this year will be different. Maybe this year, you'll ...
Mothers Day banner

New partner jAlbum makes it easy to share photos – beautifully & securely

  Just in time to help organize all those holiday photos, we're excited to announce our newest collaborative partnership with jAlbum. ...
jAlbum blog header image

Making Metadata Work 

Tag That Photo Offers Cross-Application Image Metadata Compatibility Spend some time trying to understand image metadata formats and how they ...
TTP tagging metadata

The Price of Free

We all like "free" stuff - free samples, free gift with purchase. Heck, who hasn't ruined their dinner enjoying the ...

The difference between face recognition and face detection

The terms “face recognition” and “face detection” are often used interchangeably by photo management solutions. Though closely related, there are ...
face recognition image