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Like the idea of keeping
your photos in your control? 

You're gonna love Tag That Photo!


Hi! We're here to help reconnect you to your photos that mean the most.

It’s a snap! Just point us to your photo library and our recognition wizard will match & tag faces to names. All securely, privately and safely on your device - without ever uploading your photos to the Internet.


Faster face tagging

Tag faces with fewer errors & faster than industry leaders - including Microsoft and Google. With Tag That Photo, you'll be a tagging machine!

Awesomely accurate

Powered by Applied Recognition's patented face recognition engine, Tag That Photo finds and recognizes faces better than any other desktop product.

Preserve your Picasa tags

You’ve spent countless hours tagging hundreds of photos. Tag That Photo values your efforts, enabling easy importing of your existing tags. 

Privacy please 

In the cloud or on your Windows desktop – you decide where your photos are stored, managed and shared. They’re YOUR personal photos after all.

Risk-free sharing

Sharing on social networks is risky. Our slideshow feature makes it easy to share photos privately with friends and family.

Nearly limitless libraries

Hundreds of photos? Thousands? Bring ‘em on! Tag That Photo's lightning fast processor keeps your photo organization efforts moving along.

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