We’re excited to release Tag That Photo V2!

We’re excited to announce the release of Tag That Photo V2. If you’re a photo enthusiast looking for a face recognition that can help automate the face tagging process, now is a great time to try Tag That Photo. Along with awesomely accurate face recognition, TTP V2 includes:

Batch Tagging

Apply keywords to multiple photos with one click, saving you time and effort.

More Compatible Metadata

View, share, and organize metadata keywords and face tags created in Tag That Photo more easily with popular photo editing software applications.

Enhanced Geo-tagging

Assign locations more precisely to a single image or a batch of images at one time.


A Trial Subscription gives you a chance to try out our face recognition wizard and create tags. A Personal or Family Plan subscription makes it possible for you to embed tags into your photos, preserving your tagging efforts for the long-term.  Full details can be found at Plans. You can also visit our Features page for details on how Tag That Photo face recognition works.

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