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jAlbum and Tag That Photo are two companies with a shared commitment to provide subscribers with an off-line photo software alternative that doesn't compromise control or privacy of their data. We've worked closely together to ensure that Tag That Photo's face tagging technology integrates smoothly with jAlbum to make the process of creating and sharing photo web galleries even easier and more enjoyable.

  • Like jAlbum, Tag That Photo is a downloadable application so no risk of losing  your data or tagging efforts "in the cloud."
  • Our automated face tagging technology finds and "recognizes" faces quickly and accurately.
  • Open standard XMP format ensures metadata is readable within jAlbum. After applying tags within Tag That Photo, use jAlbum's Search bar to find a specific person. Want to organize your images by person? Use jAlbum's Organize "Group by keywords" function. Want to share face region tagged images? Use a skin that supports face regions.
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Is the trial subscription or the full-feature paid subscription (Personal or Family Plan) best for you?

A paid subscription is your best option if you're ready to use Tag That Photo metadata to help create your jAlbum photo web albums immediately. jAlbum users receive 50% off til December 31st, so it's a great time to purchase!

A trial subscription of Tag That Photo is a no-risk option to see how our face recognition technology works; however, face tags and other metadata are NOT embedded into images so this info isn't viewable within jAlbum. The good news is that, if you decide to upgrade to a full-feature subscription (Personal or Family Plan), any metadata added during the trial period is auto-embedded upon activation and is thus, visible within jAlbum.

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